Rebuilding Rails

Noah Gibbs
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Do you want to understand the Rails framework and Ruby metaprogramming as only an expert does?

With Rebuilding Rails you'll build your own real, working MVC web framework structured like Ruby on Rails. By the end of chapter one you'll have working software that you can publish to GitHub.

In the video workshops you'll build a simplified, streamlined MVC framework called R00lz to understand Ruby metaprogramming and HTTP frameworks. In the ebook, you can work at your own pace to build out a more full-featured framework called "Rulers."

(Please note that the Full Package is still in progress, and not all video chapters are yet released.)

See for more information, or for free chapters and a Rails Internals email class.

Rebuilding Rails is the best way to understand Ruby framework code - and has been since it came out in 2012. See for a list of happy customers, testimonials and a cute picture or two.

You'll receive free updates any time they come out. The book is released in PDF and ePub.

You'll also get an invitation to the Rebuilding Rails and Mastering Software Technique Slack workspace with any package. Talk to other rebuilders and ask questions.

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